This is my first article evahh!

09-02-2015 11:48 by wutm8

Hum I know MD a bit

but I think it needs:

  • a cheatsheet (you know in cas you forgot how to markdown)
  • A preview (to check your syntax)

But it's fast I mean appart from the background-image to load

Also I know you can expand the text-area but it should be bigger by default. I currently have 3 lines worth of visible space.

Let's write a function:

var loveES6 = (x,y,z) => x+y*z;
var args = [5,2,9];

See when i've written this i need to checks how it renders before publishing. So let's be brave and click this Post button !

EDIT: yay you can edit the post ! But it didn't rendered as I expected. how do you do the code-editor markdown ?